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CR Showcase 2016

Futbol Consultants Official Showcase

December 12th – December 13th, 2016 and December 19 – December 20th, 2016

San Jose, Costa Rica


Arrival to Costa Rica:

Please arrange your travel plans to be in Costa Rica before the date of the showcase. The airport is the San José/Costa Rica “Juan Santamaria” International Airport (please verify the Airport code is SJO to avoid conflict with San Jose, California). An evening arrival is recommended. We will be there to pick you up at the airport and transportation to the hotel will be provided.

December 12th – December 13th & December 19 – December 20th (Showcase days):

These three days will be filled with soccer. On Tuesday & Wednesday, we plan on having a morning session from 8am to 12am with full side games; There will be 4 teams participating with 30 minute halves each game; 4 games total in the morning. We will swap the teams so you can see the players playing against different defenders and line ups. On Thursday, we will have two 90 min games; the line-ups for these games will be made according to the coaches’ suggestions and requests.

You will be given a booklet with summary profiles of all the players as soon as the showcase starts to give you an idea of their age, years of eligibility in NCAA terms, where they stand in terms of English proficiency, soccer experience, etc,. We will have a few players coming from Honduras, El Salvador, Panama, Guatemala and the main part of the group is from Costa Rica. We will be there in person to answer any questions you may have regarding the players.

There will be around 45 already pre-selected players. Like we mentioned before, we have players with National Championships, National Team experience, a couple with youth World Cup experience and others who currently practice with 1st or 2nd division teams. The showcase will be a private event and we will have the stadium for ourselves (closed doors) both days.

Friday December 18th (Departure):

Return to back home.


The package will include the following perks:

• Breakfast

• Transportation in Costa Rica throughout the length of your stay in a deluxe bus or van depending on the amount of coaches coming (Airport-Hotel, Hotel-Stadium, to dining places, etc.).

• Tour guide at all times.

• Hydration, fruits and snacks at the stadium during the showcase.


The length of your stay makes a difference between the package pricing. You can opt for a double occupancy room at the hotel (room with two double beds) or have a single room for yourself, which will also make a difference in price. The hotel has excellent amenities (4 stars), extras (wireless internet and unlimited calls to the U.S. for example)

Package 1: $650 per person

• 4 nights in Costa Rica (Monday 14th thru Friday 18th)

• Double occupancy hotel room (you will share a hotel room with another coach)

• Breakfast

• Transportation

• Service fee

Package #2: $750 per person

• 4 nights in Costa Rica (Monday 14th thru Friday 18th)

• Single room (you will have a hotel room for yourself)

• Breakfast

• Transportation

• Service fee

Futbol Consultants will not be responsible for expenses of extra activities like attendance to professional soccer games, shopping, entertainment and dinners with Futbol Consultants prospects and their parents. We definitely can help you and give you orientation about such activities but we will not cover such expenses.

Important: Due to the high demand of Universities wanting to come to our showcase and the limited amount of spots, if you want to secure your spot for the December Showcase, you must submit your payment no later than December 1st, 2015. If you are planning to submit your payment after that please contact us first to make sure there’s availability for you.

Regardless of the package, there will always somebody from Futbol Consultants with you. We will be there at dinners, picking you up from the airport, and from the hotel to the showcase location. We see this as a great chance to build a strong friendship between your school/program and our group, and that’s how you will be treated in Costa Rica. Please let me know if you have any additional questions regarding the 2015 showcase. I look forward to hearing back from you coach and your confirmation.